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Looking for your next outrigger or ski paddling challenge and destination holiday in one?

Australia’s best downwind and toughest ocean races are on again in Cairns in 2024 – two awesome events on consecutive weekends –
20th July Mini G and 27th July GBROC 45km.
Already have another goal? Why not use Mini G and GBROC as your warm up, just like our Aussie paddlers on the #RoadToSamoa
Check out our video to see why!

Here’s a short highlights video of GBROC 2023 to get paddlers excited about experiencing one of the most awesome downwind runs in Australia. Join us for two awesome downwind races in one epic week in paradise! 

Click here for the 2023 GBROC & Mini G Program


Where we come from?

Outrigger canoeing has been around for about 30,000 years. Once it was used for migration and transportation purposes by our Polynesian ancestors; today the sport of outrigging represents the ultimate in physical challenge and recreational fun.

Hekili Cairns welcomes new members

Whether you are a beginner who is looking for fun and friendship, fierce competitor wanting to challenge yourself, or a casual paddler who just loves being on the water – outrigger canoeing is for everyone.  Our members range in age from Junior (10 years and over) to Platinum (over 70 years).  Our club’s strength and competitive success emanates from an underlying belief that we are part of a family. 

Respect for the ocean as well as for our fellow paddlers is what sets outrigging aside from all other sports. Preserving the spirit, or mana, of outrigging is very important to members of the Hekili Cairns Outrigger Canoe Club.

Why paddle outrigger?

Outrigging paddling is an exciting, low impact sport which offers the opportunity to combine fun, fitness and friendship.

Hekili Outrigging Canoe Club has members training five days a week, morning and afternoon. Our departure location off the little beach next to the Yorkeys Knob boat ramp gives us the opportunity to paddle in the ocean and enjoy the panoramic views of the spectacular Cairns coastline. In bad weather, we can utilise the protected waters of the marina and nearby creek. Ultimately, paddling provides the fun and exhilaration of being on the water which is synonymous with our active, tropical lifestyle.

Interested in starting?  Have a look at our Membership page.



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