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GBROC 2018

GBROC & OC6 National Changeover Titles program 2018 Version 4

What a sensational day on the water for all paddlers.  In total Hekili had 67 teams nominate, which is well over 100 paddlers.  Line honours this year went to BRAD HAGAN in a scorching time of 3.23.36 in the Open Men ski class, just pipping ROB POMIE (Master Men ski) by 3 minutes.  

A big shout out to those tough enough to take on this challenge on an OC1.  This is truly an epic effort.  Class winners this year are Angie Corcoran (Open Women), Tania Moohin (Master Women), Paul Chong (Open Men), Darryl Thoroughgood (Master Men), Darren Moohin (Senior Master Men), Ralphie Seed (Golden Master Men).

Hekili were fortunate enough to host the OC6 National Changeover titles this year as part of the GBROC race.  The local boys from Coconuts OCC took out this title in a time of 3.27.50, followed by Cronulla and our Hekili boys.  

For more details Here are all the results ! 

We have some fantastic images on our FB Page.  Check these out To the Hekili FB Page

BIG NEWS … The calendar for NQ Zone and Australian Outrigger racing for 2019 has just been released.  Save the date for GBROC.  The GBROC Half will be on 24 August with GBROC Full on 25 August.  Train hard everyone, you cannot do this challenge race “off the couch”. See you on the water.

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